Saturday, January 28, 2012

Space, Right?

Okay, so I was busy then I pinched a nerve in my back, but be assured that there is a new dirt bucket zine, and I have 20 copies sitting right in front of me wasting away. I need to staple them then they are good to go. Exact costs would run about $1.25 per copy or so. You think that is a convenient price? I had thought about doing a flat 1.00 to make it easier and suck up the minimal lose. I did them all at Metropol, who gave me a decent deal for the lot. However, there were some minimal problems. I shouldn't even mention it because apparently I am the only one who notices. That is what its like when you spend hours illustrating something: you notice if the copies are even a bit off. I was assured that no one else will notice them and Henry my room mate who is a very sensible man pointed out that I should not rock the boat on a good deal. That said I fully believe Metropol would have corrected the mistake and for that I still believe them a good, very accommodating and supportive local business. Everyone should be pestering them about starting a magazine again, as this town needs some good local arts and culture coverage.

Oh, and the zine is about aliens.


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